Although it's never ever a great concept to drink alcoholic beverages at the same time with taking Viagra this combo is not anticipated to induce any troubles gave that you consume liquor in moderation.

You must minimize alcohol consumption and prevent solid beverages.

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If you have hives, rash, difficulty breathing and swelling find emergency health care help as these could be the indications of a sensitive response.

Lady Viagra (sildenafil) is occasionally recommended for the therapy of women arousal condition.

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You need to take Female Viagra regarding 45 minutes prior to making love and could then count on around 5-6 hrs of efficiency.

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Make sure you mention to your medical professional such severe side effects as priapism, sudden intense reduction of vision, fainting, reduction of hearing, burning or itching during urination, lack of breath, lightheadedness, breakout, breast discomfort, beclouded eyesight, dizziness, or calling in ears, as they mean your therapy is not going.